Completely Overrated, Model Oksana Alma Ain’t It

6 months ago

You could not believe the title, right?. Me neither!.

Being curvy for a woman has never aged at all. Most men go crazy when they encounter a woman with a big butt.

Oksana Alma is one of the beauties with a heavy bum at her back, in fact, she has a huge future behind her. She is a famous German model and a popular social media personality.

The 26 year old model is best known for her awesome and cool unique facial features and a perfect curvaceous body. She took a shot to fame for posting photos and videos on her Instagram and YouTube channel.

Oksana’s age is 27 as of this year on 21, March. She was born in Berlin, Germany but heavily lives in Antwerp, Belgium. Her beauty is a one priceless package. She has green eyes and brown hair. And to add to the list, she has height of 5 feet 4 inches.

The 27 year old allure has a daughter named Amira. Currently, she is dating and her boyfriend’s name is Erko Jun. All of them are from the nationality of Germany.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

Facts About Vanessa Veracruz, Queen Of Fitness Realities

6 months ago

No wonder everybody wants to be an American. Most of us want to be a good citizen of USA, I, included.

Wait a minute… Do you know Vanessa Veracruz?. She is a famous American fitness model with multiple talents. Purely, she is talented. Of course the beauty she possess is not a joke, friend. Her world is all about fitness.

Vanessa took a shot to fame for posting fitness related content on her Instagram and Twitter account. She has that big amount of followers on both the accounts.

She was born in the United States of America on 6 December, 1987. She has height of 5 feet 5 inches and has around 52 kg of height.

I don’t get it but a lot of hot fitness models are around the age of 28 and 29 years. The beauty is 30 years old. Judging from her looks, hair color is brown and her eyes are also brown.

Photo courtesy: Instagram

Andrea Stickel Is Sweeter Than A Christmas Morning

7 months ago

Hello Dear reader, this is Andrea Stickel, are you a fan of hers?. Definitely or you are nameless hater. I have gathered some of her personality view here. You can take a full read of the article and I won’t hurt at all.

Who is she really?. Andrea Stickel is a famous American model under the agency No Ties Management that is located in Los Angeles, California. She is a also a Social Media Personality.
Don’t you start me now, I am about to let you know a rocky thing about this beauty. Did you know she used to be a cheerleader?. That’s right, she is a University Of San Diego (USD) graduate.
Enough about that, Andrea’s height is 5 feet 7 inches. Damn!! she is tall plus she has brown eyes, what a combo.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

Unrecognized Specialness Ella Jordan Hasn’t Shown Yet

7 months ago

Speechless, good Lord… Who is this cutie Ella Jordan? – – A model not to imagine. Wait… I can stop myself. She has got a slender figure plus she is on IG?. My life just more interesting.

My fingers are thinking out loud. She is still a student from Loyola University Maryland. I bet she has got some real attention from her school.

Undefined Beauty from Ella has some perks. She has managed to do some pretty awesome things in her life.

I bet you know she is an actress and mostly known for recent big movies such as Pledge (2017), Accommodations (2017) and Such a Funny Life.

Where is now and where does she come from?. Damn right you are at the right place. Ella is a Los Angeles girl. She started to have that modeling mindset at young age.

Does she do fitness exercises?. I bet she doesn’t do them that much. She is a good healthy diet eater. I am done now. If you some cool facts about this model. I would like to know them too – – don’t be selfish.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

With This Jojo Babie’s Beauty, Has She Sold Her Soul?

7 months ago

Are you looking for Asian Babes? Well, no need to bother looking for them anymore. Here is a plus one Asian model. No need to look for another one while you have found the one that outranks them all.

Here is Jojo Von Southi but most of you know her by her famous Instagram name Jojo Babie. She is Kansas native who has made it huge in the social media.

Jojo Babie is a famous Asian fitness model whose job is posting health and fitness videos on Instagram. She just got famous just by doing that. What a techie world we are living in. The activities that she posts are so enticing for her fans.

Has Jojo sold her soul?. I don’t think so since she is a heavy workout addict. Fitness and healthy diet is her life. All and all, with the results she has achieved, she totally deserves that fame.

Her Instagram has over 6.5 million followers supporting her all the way up plus her Snapchat is msjojobabie.

Jojo is currently living in Los Angeles, California where she is making most of her earning from. They say it is hard to be a pro at other people’s streets, well here is Jojo being the best in Hollywood. And don’t even start asking what her nationality is, she is American even though she has Asian descent.

Talking about her body? Height is 5 feet 5 inches and weight is 55 kg. She is an Asian curvy model.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram