Deyjah Harris Is The Competition “Princess Of The South”

3 weeks ago

I can not stop liking this cutie’s photos. I find myself double tapping. Her name is Deyjah Harris, she calls herself Princess of The South. Where is she from??.

She is the competition and the real deal, I may call it a done deal. She is from Atlanta, a daughter of T.I whom he shares with Ms. Niko.

Aussie Model Jazmyne Wardell, Her Bubbly Story

3 weeks ago

Jazmyne Wardell is the Australian native who was born and raised as the real Aussie. She was raised in the Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia and has worked as a bartender once.

She has a young lovely sister named Tamika and looks like she is in very good terms with her family. Jasmine’s mother is Natalie Wardell.

She and her mother have received coverage from outlets like The Canberra Times and also The Daily Mail for their physical resemblance, and that’s how lucky she is.

The beauty is very popular on Instagram.

Great Hailee Lautenbach, Who?

3 weeks ago

Do you know the meaning of meeting a great woman, Hailee Lautenbach is only 23 but has got some vibing. Her snapchat is lit. She has a YouTube channel which goes by the name Hailee bobailee.

Where is she from?. She comes from Oregon, making a little change on Instagram. She launched her Instagram account and rose rapidly to a high profile on social media.

Hailee makes some extra money from doing video game reviews. She is mainly a California type a girl right now. She is signed and represented by Wilhelmina LA and OMM.

Gina Savage’s Outfit, Lol!

3 weeks ago

I hate to tell this to my following but the b-tch can’t keep it real, her IG is a joke, her name does not even match the personality she portrays on social media.

Gina Savage has a tendency to cover her face when she takes her Instagram photos. Take a look at the damn page and you will see what I mean.

I thought she was doing adult film at first. Let me know if she is already into it.

Gabi Sullivan Is A Natural

3 weeks ago

One of the Aussies that can keep me awake even when I want to fall asleep is Gabi Sullivan.

She has got that beach body, and loves the City Beach in Western Australia. She does look hot and steamy like Emily Ratajkowski. They have like the same height weight and all.

But Gabi already has a boyfriend who looks likes he is not a boyfriend material of marrying type a guy, he is fully tattooed, can’t even post him here. He’s bad choice for her.