The Curious Case Of Brookliyn Wren Of The UFC
The Curious Case Of Brookliyn Wren Of The UFC

2 weeks ago

How old is she? Her face does do tricks and she is hot asf, my dear. Brookliyn Wren is the UFC Octagon girl, she is a model and has got a perfect teeth.

Is she that original?, I guess so. She is a hard work, her appearance is respectful. She is working with Arianny Celeste as an UFC ring girl. 

Leena Sayed Is A Survivor, Enjoying Victory Fruits

2 weeks ago

If you remember well, Leena Sayed left the house of Taz Angels to live and work independently. She is doing great now even though she went thru a tough time.

Leena is Afghanistan 🇦🇫, tadaahh, now you know where that beauty originates from. She is a Muslim and tends to respect her religion except she does nudity still. She is a New York City girl now.

Recently, she posted a nude photo of her walking 🚶 out of the swimming pool with a caption saying “Thirsty Trap”. I state this again. The hunger in these models is real.

Arianny Celeste Is Extra As F, The UFC Charming Model
Arianny celeste of UFC

2 weeks ago

Arianny Celeste has many qualities. She is not greedy as most of these beautiful hot girls.

Before all of this, she was humble :), and has managed to be the most attractive, working for the UFC where Floyd Mayweather makes the money. She is considered as the lovely lucky charm.

So I may say that she is having the best time of her life. She is a model, a ring girl and also sings well.

Arianny is a ten, or would you doubt that?, and 5 feet 5 inches tall. She has the bigger following on Facebook than on Instagram.

Jayla Harnwell, Ambitious. Mmmhhh! May Be.

2 weeks ago

Some models are great in their heads too. I love me some models like Jayla Harnwell. She is an entrepreneur, a co-founder of Kalumi Health.

Jayla is all about fitness. She is from Sydney, Australia but currently making it huge in New York City. She has a major role there dealing with women management.

She was featured in the shape magazine back on 31st January, 2017.

Meg Kylie Is Our Own Kardashian

3 weeks ago

I am sure, This girl is having a good time at the moment. Her name is Meg Kylie. What a life she deserves. The famous sensational Instagram model does know the true meaning of marketing.

I swear, she a dime piece. Meg is Drake’s fan that she made his concert to be her first show ever. I would like to think that she is more beautiful than any of the Kardashians. This Meg is natural and seems like she is natural.

Mea is her younger sister. You should see how attractive most of the Australian girls are. At first, I thought she was a Jenner imposter but turned out that Kylie is Meg’s middle name.