A True Facet About Aylen Alvarez, Surgery Involved? 

3 hours ago

You know some models are short but blessed heavily. Aylen Alvarez has this big fat butt and looks heavy but she is so nice with it. Aylen is half Cuban, half Brazilian from Miami, Florida.

This model is natural, did not perform any surgery. Her curves are like of that Jailyne Ojeda?.

Aylen Alvarez

The model has a high following because of that azz. Maybe Aylen is using them fittea but she is a natural. She is trying to get some money off promoting them fake products.

Bubbly Liz Kara Still Has More To Offer
Liz Kara

4 hours ago

Liz Kara has this personality and looks which makes me think of how similar she is to Jane B aka Hello Janey. They are like twins.

Actually they know each other well and work together on some projects.

Liz is the model who has appeared on some ads of popular big brands such as Coca Cola, NosEnergy and Monster Energy, promoting them brands. So first of all, I may say the model has build a brand that makes some money even though her Instagram has kept her alive to reach the fan base she has right now.

Liz is now taking it to the next level by launching her app on android and apple which is a good step for her career. She is courageous if I were to rate her.

Why Did Ayo and Teo Abandon Aspect Zavi?
mateo bowles and ayleo bowles

1 day ago

When a group of friends is starting something, they all come together with the thinking that one is giving. But when one is doing better than the other then trouble starts. I guess a few people likes to see their close friends succeed. Well!, enough about therapy.

Back to the subject, Aylen Bowles is a 21 year old artist and dancer who has made it huge plus he has perfect connections with the artists. He is well known as Ayo. He came up the game with his young brother Mateo Bowles “Teo”. They are all the American sweethearts. Girls go crazy and nuts over them when they start dancing on stage.

As I stated on the first paragraph, Ayo and Teo started their movement with a friend named Aspect Zavi. They danced together, rehearsed and finally went their separate ways after every one started comparing them to each other. So they could not keep their guard down.

Twerking Teacher Jessica Vanessa Has Many Forms
Jessica Vanessa

1 day ago

Can you really see how amazing Jessica Vanessa looks in that dress?. May she should just twerk a little in that dress. She looks super cool. I don’t know why she didn’t start with following her dreams just from the beginning.

Just when her haters thought she was done but she fought back and found her way up. It seems she decided to break and her dream was all there since she was little. She knows how to wind too apart from winding.

From a kindergarten teacher to a twerking phenomenon, what a step. Jessica is successful right now as the twerking career is paying her bills. She is good at it.

The Instagram sensational model, Jessica has friends supporting her and she seems to be so thankful and grateful for that.

Mateo Bowles Speeds Up The Dancing Career
mateo bowles and ayleo bowles

2 days ago

Ain’t this boy a little too young to be experiencing this fame?. We mostly know him by the name Mateo Bowles. He started dancing at age of 5. He is definitely a winner and that is something we can no longer argue. I’m half hater and a fan. What a person I am.

Mateo’s stage name is Teo, he is well known for his personalized choreography with his brother Ayleo Bowles a.k.a Ogleloo (Ayo). The famous brothers have been enjoying their come up and they are doing really well. Their current hit now is called “Better Off Alone”. Their dance and the masks that they put on their faces have made them unique and interesting unlike other dancers on YouTube.

Mateo is 18 years old and his brother Ayo is 21 years old. They were all born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They come from family that they had to support themselves and helped their family in the long run.